EST 2013




You know the drill....bunk beds with a couple other travellers.  Get lucky and have the room with only a few others or get luckier and meet a bunch of new friends.   All new beds have been handcrafted with Pine from the jungle.  New mattresses and bedding make our dorms a very comfortable option for your stay.  All dorm beds are 40,000 COP per bed, per evening.......we have two 6 bed dorms and one 7 bed. Book these online click here. The new 6 bed RELAX dorm is 50,000 book online or email 4 details.


Our most economical options available.  Hunker down on a good ole hand woven hammock with all the advantages of sleeping out.  Blankets included, so is somewhere safe to put your stuff.  25,000 COP per hammock. Note: there is no online booking for hammocks.  Email us or call us to make a reservation.



What a sleep you will have!!  Night time temperatures drop ten degrees most evenings which means we have no need for A/C. For the first time in a long time you wont wake up sweating and uncomfortable at 7am.......get cozy, its together weather!!


If you look closely in the picture you will see the top of a guests head who's laying in the hammock.  This guest is wearing a wool hat.  We aren't saying its freezing by any means, but you can get a crisper breeze off the mountain at night.  Comfort over style if you're choosing this option. Just saying.

Choose the place to lay your head, high up in the hills with views to die for.  We offer a variety of affordable accommodation options to suit your budget or duration of stay.  Most of our guests stay with us longer than they expect, although it is something that we have come to think as the norm.  Rooms are spacious, safe, and offer a cool sleeping experience - with blankets and linens provided.  A great escape from the coast and the humidity at sea level.  Be advised, we accept cash only (no bank machines in the jungle) and you can also pay in US dollars with a fair exchange rate.  Please email or call us in advance of your arrival so we can reserve a place for you. It is important we know you are coming and that we confirm your space, so you don´t come all the way up and we are full.  You can also look for us on and reserve and check availability through them.  Plan for that and we will plan for your arrival! Get your butt up here, we're waiting!




Cant find availability online?........please email us as not all options are listed and we might have a cancellation as well.


Some accommodation options are not available online (hammocks), please contact us directly at

for these options or special requests.