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Almost 50 acres of the land we are located on is a working Coffee Finca.  We will let you know were to hike around , as well we offer tours for guests of the onsite  farm as requested. Basically its a good look around which we include with your visit.  Ask for Jean. :)


A great new article written about Casa Elemento by none other than AmyBakerTravels!!!  Thanks Amy! Click here to see what you´re in for or what you´re going to miss.


ECO-FARM - now open.

1  Sept 13


One of the reasons we chose this property was the opportunity to eat and live off the land.  We are blessed to have local farmers at our door step who contribute to the produce for our meals.  We also have goods coming from the main property -  supporting the family who owns the land -  and providing us all with true farm to table food.  

Recently we have undertook the process of developing our own working farm as our needs, tastes and efforts have increased.  Day by day everything grows including what we can offer on the table.  Its fun to be part of and to taste this wholesome and rewarding initiative.  

We don't claim to have accomplished this in its entirety, but we are certainly giving it a go.

Bon Appetite.....and grab a shovel if you wish.

July 25, 2014