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Getting to Casa Elemento can be a bit of a challenge depending on the method of transportation you choose.  Let's face it, you've travelled across Colombia, maybe even South America, so finding one of the best hostels in the nation shouldn't be that hard for you.......although it can require a bit of determination.  The cheaper the method of transportation you choose the more challenge it can be to get choose the method that suits you and your travel partners best.  Please take a moment to review this section in detail.


STEP ONE: travel to Santa Marta

Santa Marta is located on the north coast of Colombia and is accessible by bus or air from many hubs in Colombia.  For example, from Cartagena it is a four hour bus ride or a 45 minute flight.  For all the details on getting in and out of Santa Marta, visit this link on

STEP TWO:  travel from Santa Marta to Minca


There are a few options you have to get from Santa Marta to Minca.  This part of the journey should take 45 minutes, more or less - with the bus being the slowest but cheapest option.


Shared Taxi/Collectivo/Public Bus:  Pick up depot is located on the outskirts of the market at Calle 11 con Carrera 12, downtown Santa Marta.  Depending on where you are staying in Santa Marta, this could be a walk, local bus or taxi to get to. This corner depot  has shared taxis for many destinations so you're going to have to ask the drivers of the vehicles for Minca.  If you don't know Spanish simply keep repeating Minca to anyone that will listen.......follow their pointing and it should only take a second or two.

Cost:  The taxis are shared, they also cost 8,000 COP pp but the driver will wait for four'ish people to depart...if you've got a group of four, take the taxi for the full price and depart immediately (some negotiation skills might be required).


Moto Taxi: You can take a moto taxi (one person and bag per moto) for 8,000 to Minca from YUCAL in Santa Marta.  With new laws not allowing two male passengers on a moto within the city, the closest moto option starts in YUCAL which you will pass through no matter which method of transport you choose.  Some guests taxi  (approx 5,000 COP) from anywhere in Santa Marta direct to Yukal and then get on motos from makes the travel time slightly faster than the collectivo option.  Once in Minca you can continue with your same driver right away OR take a break, grab a beverage or something to eat and take another moto when you are ready.  In any case the next portion of your journey is approx 30 mins and costs 20,000 COP pp.



Private Option. Hire a jeep to bring you and up to six guests from Santa Marta to Casa Elemento DIRECT.   We have recently secured new transportation partners who are offering this great service now for our guests.  In most cases (unless you are walking the entire way), this option will cost you the SAME or slightly more than taking collectivos and motos.  You need to have four people and that starts at 120,000 COP for the group .  The price does not change with a bigger group however, you can hire the Jeep for two people if you are willing to pay the minimum 120,000 COP.  You will have the option to make a stop along the way at the bank machine if you need, bring a beverage or two, take photos, and basically sit back and relax. From Santa Marta to us with a private jeep, the trip will take approx 1.5 to 2 hrs.  Call or email us for details and so WE CAN MAKE THE BOOKING AND TAKE CARE OF THE DETAILS FOR YOU.  More than one jeep is available, bring your friends. Reservations required.

NOTE: Airport Pickups direct to Casa Elemento are 150,000........any trip after dark will always have a surcharge.  We organize your transport back down the mountain on your check out day if you wish us to.

Congratulations, you've almost made it!


Moto Taxi: In the center of Minca there is a moto taxi stand with prices listed on a hand written board.  Ask for Casa Elemento, confirm the price of 15,000 - 20,000 COP and hop on, see you in 30 minutes.


Hiking:  The best hiking route to Casa Elemento will take you approximately two hours and costs nothing but time and effort.  This hike takes you through the gorgeous lower foothills out of Minca and up through waterfalls and coffee farms en route to us.  From town, head west towards the church and then past the football field............ follow the signs to the popular "Markina waterfalls".    Total hiking time is a bit under a couple hours, depending.  Just follow the road going up from Marinka  waterfall.....its probably the easiest and most direct......the falls are a third of the way up, just so you can judge your time.



As the sun sets each evening, the motos taxis close for the night.  No matter what time you arrive in Minca, you need to arrange your moto taxi ride to depart for Casa Elemento by 5pm, to be safe.  Some people prefer to take the moto taxi up to the hostel and then have the option of hiking back down to Minca on departure.